Representative Terese Berceau Endorses Kaump

"I'm State Representative Terese Berceau, and I'm supporting Cynthia because she will energize this office.  She will protect this office, and she knows what she is doing in this office."

Dane County Supervisor Yogesh ChawLa Endorses Kaump

"Cynthia has an extensive financial background, and I think she will use that background to help teach the next generation about financial literacy."

Representative CHristine SInicki Endorses Kaump

"Cynthia has spent the last few years really fighting to retain the office of State Treasurer the state of Wisconsin and happily it has been retained so now we need somebody who's got the most experience to rebuild that office and that person is Cynthia Kaump."

Dane County Supervisor Michele Ritt Endorses Kaump

"I tend to support people who are more atypical politicians. People who are not running for office just to run, but more with the understanding that it’s a way to serve your community, and Cynthia absolutely believes that.”

Represenatative Jason Fields Endorses Kaump

"When you have this kind of office and this responsibility you need someone who is going to keep in mind the voters, the people who sent her there, and I think that her honesty and her genuineness are what make her special for this position."

Former federal Prosecutor and community leader Frank Gimbel Endorses Kaump

"I think the government in the state of Wisconsin has not spent good energy for the benefit of the working people in this state.  Cynthia on the other hand will do exactly that."
Clint Anderson.jpg

Beloit City COuncil Member Clint Anderson Endorses Kaump

"Her knowledge of the office and passion for it is what Wisconsin needs.  With Cynthia Kaump as our next Wisconsin State Treasurer, I'm positive that office can be used to its fullest potential."

CEO of the Latino Chamber of COmmerce Jessica Cavazos Endorses Kaump

"I believe Cynthia Kaump should be the State Treasurer, because she has what it takes to lead the state forward fiscally and she has the experience to also connect with communities that are diverse to allow them to understand what this office does. She is a no nonsense woman." 
Win Back Your State Graphic.png

Win back your state pac Endorses Kaump

Cynthia Kaump is proud to have the endorsement of Win Back Your State, a PAC created by former Maryland Governor and presidential candidate Martin O’Malley, for Wisconsin State Treasurer.


Andrew Schauer.jpg

Dane County Supervisor Andrew Schauer Endorses Kaump

Cynthia Kaump is honored to have the endorsement of Dane County Supervisor Andrew Schauer. Local leaders understand how important it is for Wisconsin to have a strong financial guardian.
Carlene Staples.jpg

Walworth County Supervisor charlene staples Endorses Kaump

"I support Cynthia Kaump for Wisconsin State Treasurer.  I think she'll do the best job in the office."
Richard Kilmer.jpg

Dane County Supervisor richard Kilmer Endorses Kaump

"I wholeheartedly support Cynthia Kaump to be our next State Treasurer.  She has the experience and passion to be the financial guardian Wisconsin needs."
Emily Kuhn.jpg

Middleton Common Council Alder Emily kuhn Endorses Kaump

"I wholeheartedly support Cynthia Kaump to be our next State Treasurer.  She has the experience and passion to be the financial guardian Wisconsin needs."
Heidi Endorsement.jpg

Dane County Supervisor Heidi Wegleitner Endorses Kaump

"I endorse Cynthia Kaump to be the next Wisconsin State Treasurer.  She is connected with her community, knows the job, and is running a real grassroots campaign."