Meet The Democratic Candidates For State Treasurer Of Wisconsin

Meet The Democratic Candidates For State Treasurer Of Wisconsin

The April 2018 ballot in Wisconsin included a referendum to eliminate the office of state treasurer. The measure was defeated, with 61.75% of voters opposing the amendment. Wisconsinites made it clear that they want an independent financial guardian for the state. But what does a state treasurer do?

On today’s show, Carousel interviews the three Democratic candidates for State Treasurer of Wisconsin: Sarah Godlewski, Cynthia Kaump, and Dawn Marie Sass. They clarify the role and responsibilities of a state treasurer, emphasizing the importance of transparency, financial stewardship, and community outreach.

Betty Harris Custer: Vote for Cynthia Kaump for state treasurer

Betty Harris Custer: Vote for Cynthia Kaump for state treasurer

Dear Editor: It was nice of the Capital Times in a recent editorial to recognizeone of the Democratic women running for state treasurer, but you shortchanged the voters by making it seem that only one candidate was a threat to Scott Walker and his policies. Years ago, when she was the director of communications for State Treasurer Kurt Schuller and it became clear that the GOP was trying to eliminate this constitutional office, Cynthia Kaump was the first woman to work to keep it.

She spent three and a half years in the office running programs that should be restored to the state treasurer now that the citizens have spoken. She is a clear favorite of many of the people of diverse faiths, races and economic levels as a single mother who was raised in a home that valued equality, unions and progressive values. She understands what citizens need from their elected officials.

Who is on the ballot for state treasurer in next week's primary?

Who is on the ballot for state treasurer in next week's primary?

Cynthia Kaump of Madison is a small business owner and licensed insurance intermediary. She is also a former television reporter and worked in the state treasurer's office from 2012- 2015. 

If elected, she said she will focus on restoring the duty of returning unclaimed property to taxpayers to the state treasurer's office. That duty was removed, along with several others, in 2011. 

"To manage that program the way the people of Wisconsin deserve means aggressive and targeted outreach ... to businesses to ensure they are turning over money they legally have to turn over to the state. It all starts there," she said. 

Wisconsin treasurer candidates want to make the office effective again. But how?

Wisconsin treasurer candidates want to make the office effective again. But how?

A strong supporter and former employee of the office, Kaump said she has been promoting its role as chief banker and investor for almost a decade. She hopes to restore its responsibilities if voters elect her in November.

Among the duties Kaump hopes to bring back are the unclaimed property program, cash management and the Edvest college saving program. Given the investment and financial literacy of the office, Kaump said those duties are best suited for the treasurer. She also would consider contracting with a bank headquartered in Wisconsin instead of Minnesota-based US Bank.

Kaump said she wants to make the treasurer's office work for Wisconsinites again and that her experience and her positive relationships with legislators on both sides of the aisle will help get the office back on track. 

Cynthia Kaump: As treasurer, I will build a better financial future for Wisconsin

My name is Cynthia Kaump. I am a financial professional and mother, former public servant, journalist, and union member, and a candidate to be your next Wisconsin state treasurer. I am running in this election because the people of Wisconsin voted overwhelming in April to keep this office. We have seen a worrying concentration of power in Wisconsin, with the governor and Office of the Attorney General overseeing virtually the entire government. That is anti-democratic and dangerous regardless of who is in charge. The state treasurer is assigned the duties of the state banker and investor. I have the unique experience, relationships and passion to lead the Office of State Treasurer to fulfilling all of its existing duties and restoring and expanding the office to be the strong financial guardian the people of Wisconsin deserve.

Meet Cynthia Kaump, Candidate For Wisconsin State Treasurer

Meet Cynthia Kaump, Candidate For Wisconsin State Treasurer

Kaump is a proud Democrat raised in a union household and the product of a public education. She worked in the Office of State Treasurer under two Republicans and maintains good relationships with lawmakers and officials of both parties. Kaump has strong progressive values but believes people of both parties should "play well in the sandbox" together, especially on issues relating to finance and good government.

Jessica Reilly: Cynthia Kaump as treasurer will emphasize children's financial literacy

Jessica Reilly: Cynthia Kaump as treasurer will emphasize children's financial literacy

Dear Editor: In college I overdrew my checking account and called my mom to tell her the bank made a mistake. She explained my account was overdrawn because I’d spent more money than I deposited and learned that banking was never addressed in my K-12 education. I was taught to sew a vest and safely use a circular saw but never balance a checkbook (paper or electronic). By contrast, my mother attended a school where each student opened a passbook savings account and made weekly deposits.

It was pure luck I didn’t overdraw my account sooner and I was fortunate to have a supportive family to help me. It’s with this experience in mind, that I’ve chosen to support Cynthia Kaump for Wisconsin treasurer.

State treasurer, secretary candidates square off in weekend debate

State treasurer, secretary candidates square off in weekend debate

RACINE — Several candidates in two of this fall’s statewide races took a local grassroots group up on its offer to share their views at the first of two forums this month.

The Racine Political Education Coalition on Saturday held a forum for the state treasurer and secretary posts that are up for grabs in November. A small crowd attended the event, held at the Dr. John Bryant Community Center.

State treasurer, secretary of state forum scheduled for Saturday in Racine

RACINE — The Racine Political Education Coalition has scheduled a forum Saturday for candidates running for state treasurer and secretary of state.

The event is scheduled to run from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Dr. John Bryant Community Center, 601 21st St.

The format will allow for discussion on financial issues facing the state, followed by questions from the audience.

State treasurer candidate Cynthia Kaump, a Democrat from Madison, confirmed in a press release that she planned on attending.

Voters kept Wisconsin’s treasurer position but what’s next?

"The BCPL should not be in the business of solving the student loan crisis — it’s not what it was designed to do,” she said. “The risk does not outweigh the potential reward for something like this.” 

Kaump, communications director for the treasurer's office from 2012 to 2015, wants to bring back many of the duties the office has lost over the years to other agencies, including managing the Edvest college savings program and the state's unclaimed property program.

"Day one we have to start working on the budget ... and getting the programs transferred back which are unconstitutionally being administered elsewhere, because that is the best service to the people of Wisconsin,” Kaump said.

Wis. treasurer candidate clears up using donations for childcare expenses

WISCONSIN (WAOW) - A record number of woman are running for political office across the nation, and in Wisconsin. 

And there's hurdles to overcome. 

Cynthia Kaump is running for state treasurer in Wisconsin and admits there are barriers for women candidates that men sometimes do not face. 

“Running as a woman in this old boy’s club nation can be incredibly challenging,” Kaump said. 

Nicki Vander Meulen: Cynthia Kaump will support financial literacy as state treasurer

Dear Editor: I am writing to heartily endorse Cynthia Kaump for state treasurer. Cynthia is a hard worker with a keen knowledge of financial matters, which she has demonstrated by working as the former director of communications and community outreach in the state treasurer’s office. To put it mildly, Cynthia has the most financial experience in this race.

As a MMSD School Board member, I take an interest in any and all offices that affect our students. The Treasurer’s Office directly affects the public schools, as our school libraries are funded indirectly through the Treasurer’s Office. Cynthia Kaump will be an excellent steward to protect our school libraries through her job as state treasurer.

Campaign donations may be used to pay for child care, ethics commission says

MADISON - The state ethics commission said this week candidates may use campaign donations to pay for child care costs.

The advisory opinion was issued after the campaign of Cynthia Kaump, a candidate for state treasurer, asked the commission to weigh on whether candidates may use money raised by their campaigns to pay for child care while candidates campaign. 

Kaump is a single mother, and in a statement said she hopes the decision will encourage more women to run for local, state or federal offices. 

State Treasurer Candidate Wants to Restore Faith in Government

Cynthia Kaump believes in the office of State Treasurer, and thinks the April 3 landslide vote rejecting a Constitutional amendment to abolish the office proves that it is more than the sleepy little office its current officeholder maintains it is.

“That is a very strong message from the people of Wisconsin, that they not only believe in the office but they believe it should have a strong presence and purpose in government, and that is to act as a financial guardian for them,” Kaump said in a recent visit to the Pulse office to talk about her candidacy for State Treasurer.

“This is an opportunity to restore faith in government, right here.”

Kaump announces state treasurer run

Cynthia Kaump announced on Mother’s Day Sunday, she believes the best gift she can give her child and every child is a better financial future as Wisconsin’s next State Treasurer.

Kaump, a long-time advocate for the office as well as former Director of Communications and Community Outreach, consulted with legislators on a plan to move the office forward and even consulted her 9-year-old daughter before she decided to seek the Democratic nomination for the position.