Betty Harris Custer: Vote for Cynthia Kaump for state treasurer

Dear Editor: It was nice of the Capital Times in a recent editorial to recognizeone of the Democratic women running for state treasurer, but you shortchanged the voters by making it seem that only one candidate was a threat to Scott Walker and his policies. Years ago, when she was the director of communications for State Treasurer Kurt Schuller and it became clear that the GOP was trying to eliminate this constitutional office, Cynthia Kaump was the first woman to work to keep it.

She spent three and a half years in the office running programs that should be restored to the state treasurer now that the citizens have spoken. She is a clear favorite of many of the people of diverse faiths, races and economic levels as a single mother who was raised in a home that valued equality, unions and progressive values. She understands what citizens need from their elected officials.

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