Last To Enter Treasurer's Race. First Democrat To Get On Ballot

Cynthia Kaump Starts STRONG in Wisconsin State Treasurer's Race

(Madison, WI) Cynthia Kaump, Democratic candidate for Wisconsin State Treasurer announced Wednesday, she is the first democratic candidate for State Treasurer to turn in all the required signatures and paperwork to get on this fall's ballot. She was the last democrat to announce on April 25. 

"We could not have done this so quickly without the support we received from around the state and the strong drive it requires." said Kaump. "I am blessed to have dedicated friends, family and an extraordinary campaign team who could activate a colossal effort such as this!"

Kaump's team collected more than the 2,000 signatures required to appear on the ballot as a statewide candidate. Candidates are allowed to collect signatures starting on April 15th.  They are due June 1st.

"I knew my choice to run was the right one." said Kaump. "I have the experience (and the team) to build a better financial future for Wisconsin and together, we can clearly do this!"

Kaump will spend between now and the August 14th primary traveling the state to meet with voters, receive feedback and share her vision for moving forward Wisconsin's Office of the State Treasurer.

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