Wisconsin Candidates Can Use Campaign Funds for Childcare

State Treasurer Candidate Kaump Received Formal Opinion from Ethics Commission

(Madison) Wisconsinites running for office received great news today from the Wisconsin Ethics Commission after a formal request from candidate for Wisconsin State Treasurer Cynthia Kaump. Kaump had asked the Commission for a formal opinion on using campaign funds to help with daycare. The Wisconsin Ethics Commission’s formal advisory opinion permits the use of “campaign funds for childcare expenses to the extent that such expenses would be incurred only as a direct result of campaign activity and would not otherwise exist.”  This opinion addresses an area of Wisconsin law that until today was unclear. 

“Today parents running or considering a run for public office can rest easy knowing that their campaign related childcare costs can be paid for with campaign funds”, said Kaump, a single mother of a 9-year-old.  “As a single mother, my primary concern when I was considering a run for office was how it would affect my child. My hope is this will encourage more women, young people and parents to take part in Wisconsin politics.”

Cynthia Kaump has fought her entire life for women and parents, as a journalist, as the Communications Director for the Office of State Treasurer from 2012-2015, and as a financial consultant currently running two businesses. She plans to bring this same level of advocacy with her when she returns to the Office of State Treasurer.  

Read the full opinion from the Wisconsin Ethics Commission.

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