Win Back Your State PAC Endorses Cynthia Kaump for State Treasurer

PAC founded by former Presidential Candidate and Governor Martin O’Malley

(Madison) Win Back Your State, a PAC created by former Maryland Governor and presidential candidate Martin O’Malley, today announced it is endorsing Cynthia Kaump for Wisconsin State Treasurer.

Kaump is the first Treasurer candidate in the country and one of only three candidates in Wisconsin to receive this endorsement.

“Working hard and running and relying on grassroots support has been what my campaign is all about. Receiving this endorsement shows that national figures are paying attention to the hard work we’re doing,” said Kaump.

As someone who’s spent his career making a difference at the local level—as a City Councilman, Mayor and Governor—Martin O’Malley knows that real change first happens at the grassroots. That’s why he created Win Back Your State, a new PAC to support state and local Democratic candidates running in 2018.

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