It's becoming clear

The more Cynthia Kaump travels the state and talks to voters the clearer it becomes. Voters care about the Office of State Treasurer and want someone experienced and genuine as the financial guardian for Wisconsin.

Cynthia, Senator Bob Wirch, and other local candidates and elected officials spoke to the Kenosha County Democrats last Thursday. They are a concerned and knowledgeable group who understand we need to restore and empower the Wisconsin State Treasurer.

At the Sauk County Dairy Breakfast, Cynthia talked to local activists, fed the livestock, and talked about financial issues affecting farmers and non-farmers across the county. 

cow pic.jpg

Cynthia was proud to knock on doors last Saturday for Ann Groves Lloyd in the 42nd District special election. We did not get the final result we wanted, but we are laying the groundwork for victory in November.

Ann Groves Lloyd Pre Canvass.jpg

Cynthia also met with local entrepreneurs in Milwaukee to discuss how the State Treasurer can help businesses and communities grow.

Milwaukee Hemp Guys.jpg

Cynthia marched in the Milwaukee Pride Parade Sunday, which was a moving reminder that the State Treasurer is a representative and advocate for Wisconsinites of all backgrounds.

Watch the in depth interview Cynthia did with Wisconsin Eye this week for a strong sense of her vision, attention to detail, and experience.  A vision she also shared when speaking to the Democratic Party of Dane County on Wednesday.

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