Meet Cynthia Kaump

Meet Cynthia Kaump, former Director of Communications and Community Outreach for the Office of State Treasurer and candidate for the Democratic nomination for Wisconsin State Treasurer.

“Wisconsin needs a strong financial guardian. I spent the past decade fighting to retain and restore powers to the Office of State Treasurer,” said Kaump. “After Wisconsin voted no on the amendment to eliminate this office, legislators on both sides of the aisle reached out to me asking what to do next.  I was repeatedly asked to run because of my passion for this office, so I am leaning in. I’m doing this.”

Kaump was born and raised in Wisconsin. She is the owner of two businesses.  She is a licensed insurance and finance professional for a female-founded Wisconsin firm with a 40-year history in the state.  Kaump set state and national program performance records while serving as Director of Communication and Community Outreach for the Office of the State Treasurer. She is also a trusted and awarded former TV news journalist and writer who lived and worked in communities across the state and nation for more than 20 years.

“I get asked what motivated me to run for office. I served in media around the state, I reported on injustice and wrongdoing in government, ” said Kaump. “When I was in the Treasurer’s office we put money in the hands of people hours away from losing their homes, days away from losing Medicaid access. This was money they didn’t know they had being held by the state. As a human being, how could the chance to do more good not motivate me?”

Kaump will spend between now and the August primary traveling the state talking with Wisconsin residents about her vision for our financial future, she hopes to earn your vote.