Oshkosh to Kenosha

This past weekend Cynthia Kaump spoke to many of you from across the state at the Democratic Convention in Oshkosh. 

We want to extend a special thank you to everyone who worked so hard on the convention. With all the pageantry and competition we should always remember our Democratic Party is about people who care working together to better serve the people. This desire to serve is why Cynthia is running for State Treasurer.


Kaump spoke to the meetings of the Women's Caucus, Black Caucus, LGBT Caucus, Latino Caucus, Labor Caucus, Veteran's Caucus, and Young Democrats. She has the experience to make the Office of State Treasurer help Wisconsinites of all backgrounds. 


The campaign trail never stops! Kaump answered sincere, informed questions speaking Tuesday at Drinking Liberally in Madison. Tonight she is speaking to the Kenosha County Democrats, click here for details.


P.S. For the benefit of ALL parents who are running for office or thinking of running for office, Cynthia Kaump requested a formal ruling from the Wisconsin Election Commission on whether childcare is a valid campaign expense. Read more here.