Wisconsin deserves a candidate...

From Appleton to Middleton to Milwaukee, Cynthia Kaump has been talking to voters all around Wisconsin this week on the importance and function of the Wisconsin State Treasurer.

At the EAA Breakfast in Middleton, Cynthia was told by one voter “I don’t think we need a State Treasurer.” Despite our overwhelming rejection of the April referendum to eliminate the office, many Wisconsinites still don’t know what a State Treasurer does. This is why we need a candidate who knows Wisconsin, knows how to communicate, and will travel all over the state to advocate for this Office.

We need a candidate who doesn't ignore places like the Raising the Stakes picnic in Waupaca. A hugely successful event, organized by some of Wisconsin’s most dedicated Democrats. We don’t win in November without hardworking folks like the Waupaca Democrats.


Wisconsin deserves a State Treasurer who can do the job from Day One. Cynthia Kaump worked in the Office, has the relationships to restore the Office, and can stand toe-to-toe with anyone on the issues.

Outagmie Party Meeting.jpg

Restoring and expanding the Office of State Treasurer is a job no one person can do alone. Cynthia needs you. Talk to your friends, commit to writing a letter to the editor, donate. Together we can build a better financial future for Wisconsin.