Dangerous concentration of power

Cynthia Kaump worked in the Treasurer’s Office. She saw firsthand how it was deliberately transformed from an Office that helped people and acted as Wisconsin’s financial guardian to one dismantled by a Treasurer who doesn’t believe this Office has value. It does have value, which is why Wisconsinites voted to keep it, and why Kaump is running to restore this office, and be your next Wisconsin State Treasurer.

“I stepped into running for office, because we are seeing a dangerous concentration of power. That is not a democracy,” Kaump said speaking to the Columbia County Democrats.

Columbia County Party Meeting.jpg

When asked for her views at a Treasurer Forum in Racine on the unsuccessful attempt in April to abolish the State Treasurer position by referendum, Kaump said she felt the effort was an attempt to concentrate power in Madison. “They tried to eliminate this office because they wanted the power that comes with overseeing our finances. That power belongs to you the people of Wisconsin and I will serve you, the people, as Treasurer." Watch the full forum here

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Cynthia spent the week talking about how the State Treasurer can defend and support public education. Check out our new videos and proposals for supporting public libraries, bringing back the Child Financial Literacy Program, and safeguarding the investments that support our public schools. Keep an eye out for more, and take a closer look at just "What does a State Treasurer do?"

This Office has been under attack for too long. We need a State Treasurer who can run the Office on Day 1, who has relationships and commitments in the legislature to get the State Treasurer new powers. By campaigning hard all over Wisconsin, Kaump is showing she has passion for this Office and is the candidate who will fight hardest to advocate for it, as she has for the last ten years.