You can do a lot in a day

It’s amazing how much of Wisconsin you can see on just one Saturday. With just three weeks until the August 14th Democratic primary, Cynthia Kaump is not wasting any daylight campaigning to be your next Wisconsin State Treasurer. Our campaign is about listening to voters and earning their support. Talk to Cynthia for just a few minutes, and you will know that she has the compassion, knowledge, and experience to be Wisconsin’s financial guardian.

At a farmer’s market in Fond Du Lac, she shook every hand and answered questions from voters, never ignoring the kids and the dogs. “You know every candidate I remember showing up at this farmer’s market won,” said one woman.

Fond du Lac Farmers Market.jpg

Cynthia spoke at the Sheboygan County Democrats Picnic, another engaged and organized Wisconsin county party. Voters deserve to know more about their next State Treasurer than you can learn in a 30 second ad. Take a look at the videos from our campaign about Cynthia, her plans for the Office, and why people are supporting her.

Sheboygan Picnic Table Pic.jpg

We wrapped up Saturday at the Urban League of Greater Madison’s annual Unity Picnic. Cynthia grew up on Madison’s South Side and loved seeing old friends and making new ones. While working in the Treasurer’s Office, Cynthia ran programs which helped entrepreneurs of color, especially women, and will continue to do everything she can to provide opportunity as your next State Treasurer.

Unity Festival.jpg

If Cynthia will campaign this hard to earn your vote imagine how hard she will work to restore and expand the Office of State Treasurer.

P.S. Just on this one Saturday we used $27 worth of gas. Please considering donating $27 today to keep us on the road another day, covering ground and earning your support.