Our Beautiful State

With less than two weeks until the last votes are cast, Cynthia Kaump is traveling our beautiful state, listening to the people, and working to earn your vote. Cynthia has both the financial expertise and experience in the Office to make the State Treasurer, once again, someone who fights for you. But she also has the experience that comes with having lived all over Wisconsin working with and growing friendships with all sorts of people and communities. Cynthia knows that part of being a Wisconsinite is taking the time out of a busy day to acknowledge the little things that make our state special, like a giant chicken that lays bowling balls she encountered between Wausau and New London.

Chicken Photo.jpg

This was after a day at the Hmong Festival in Wausua, the place where she got her start as a television journalist. Since Cynthia covered the first of these festivals almost 20 years ago it has blossomed from something that could fit into a high school gym to a vibrant gathering of thousands. This and any other community, no matter how small, will have an advocate in Cynthia as Wisconsin State Treasurer.

Hmong Festival.jpg

In Brookfield Cynthia participated in a Muslim Discussion on Social Justice. She knows that to represent and fight for someone you need to first listen and show up.

Muslim Brookfield.jpg