Every Wisconsinite

For three months, Cynthia Kaump has been traveling the state with a vision for a better financial future for Wisconsin. She believes the State Treasurer should protect our public lands, safeguard our school libraries, help victims of crime, return unclaimed property, and bring transparency back to our state’s finances.

Over 10,000 miles, 30+ cities, and 1,000s of conversations, Cynthia has traveled this state campaigning for your vote, because she believes your vote should be earned. She values the opinion of everyone in Wisconsin, because she’s lived and worked all over our state. As a TV news journalist, she was been trusted by people all over Wisconsin to look out for them and tell the truth. 

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As a Director in the Office, Cynthia helped give back over $100 million dollars in unclaimed property, started a program teaching childhood financial literacy, and set state and national records for program performance. 

In 8 days, people will be going to the polls.  Help us create a better financial future for every Wisconsinite. Tell your friends to vote Cynthia Kaump for State Treasurer, follow us on Facebook, share this post, donate to our grassroots campaign. Together we can do this.